DCB Debut (physical CD)


DCB Debut (physical CD)


Recorded at The PineBox, a studio which was inspired by the sound of Neil Young's Harvest. Namely the room you hear around Neil's amp on the opening guitar riff of Alabama. 

Damian Calcagne Band  tells it's own story, with it's own sounds, while still honoring it's inspirational roots. 

Dave O'Donnell - Guitar
Ned Stroh - Drums
Paul Kuzik - Bass
Damian Calcagne - Hammond, Piano & Vocals

Hazel Ketchum - Harmony Vox
Tim Carbone - Fiddle
Ian Smit - Guitar
Andy Goessling - Horns

All songs written by Damian Calcagne
End Of Side B & In My Daydream
written by Damian Calcagne & Todd Sheaffer

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